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Regular cleanings can help remove fresh surface-level stains on teeth but anything deeper requires a different procedure. Professional teeth whitening from our Jacksonville and Live Oak, FL, cosmetic dentists targets stubborn discoloration via in-office and at-home methods. In just one 45 minute visit, there’s the potential to brighten your smile up to 8 shades!

For more information on teeth whitening and the general procedure, keep reading.

Understanding Tooth Discoloration

Just as it sounds, tooth discoloration occurs when the natural color of your teeth changes. While it may seem like there’s only one type, there are in fact two primary categories of discoloration: extrinsic and intrinsic.

Extrinsic discoloration happens on the outer surface of the tooth enamel and is often caused by factors such as:

  • Smoking or the use of other tobacco products
  • Consumption of staining foods and beverages (such as coffee, tea, red wine)
  • Inadequate oral hygiene

Certain substances, like those mentioned above, can lead to the accumulation of pigments and stains on the tooth’s surface, causing it to appear darker. Keeping up dental cleanings every 6 months and proper oral care at home can help prevent and sometimes even reverse extrinsic discoloration, though some can still stick around.

Intrinsic discoloration, on the other hand, occurs within the tooth structure itself which makes this type more challenging to address. It can result from various factors like:

  • Genetics
  • Certain medications (e.g., tetracycline antibiotics)
  • Trauma
  • Excessive fluoride intake during tooth development
  • Natural aging process

If your stains are severe enough that teeth whitening will not get the job done entirely, our dentists may recommend exploring veneers or dental crowns.

Benefits of Each Teeth Whitening Option

No matter if you choose to come into one of our offices or take the necessary supplies home, both teeth whitening methods are safe and proven effective. Our dentists exclusively use Zoom teeth whitening and stand by the reliability of the brand.

For in-office appointments, we’ll start by protecting your lips, cheeks, gums, and other soft tissues. Then, we’ll coat your teeth with a powerful peroxide gel and place a specialized LED light in front of your mouth. The whitening will take effect quickly thanks to the accelerated process of oxidation and is permanent, though you may require touch-ups every few years with new stains.

Want to go at your own pace and whiten your teeth at home? No problem! We’ll just need to take an impression of your teeth so we can create a set of whitening trays that are customized to you. Our dentists will also provide you with whitening peroxide gel and detailed instructions to follow.

To ensure you achieve the shade of white you want, you’ll need to use the gel with the trays as instructed. Try not to get gel anywhere other than in the trays, which will cover your teeth as gel on your gums can cause increased sensitivity.

We Can Help You Tackle Stained Teeth

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