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The dental bonding procedure is also capable of correcting chips and cracks in teeth but with less commitment than veneers. Instead of the entire front surface being covered, our Jacksonville and Live Oak, FL, cosmetic dentists apply tooth-colored composite resin to affected areas to visually restore your smile. It’s straightforward, painless, and cost-effective especially for situations where you only want one tooth fixed.

Learn more about dental bonding and its uses below.

Top Reasons for Dental Bonding

While dental bonding can be used to conceal a range of imperfections, our dentists prefer to use this method to repair teeth that are in areas of low bite pressure. In other words, front teeth are better than those in the back that bear the brunt of chewing during meals.

In general, most patients seek out dental bonding to fix:

  • Chipped teeth
  • Cracked teeth
  • The shape or length of teeth
  • Discolored or stained teeth
  • Spaced or gapped teeth

How We Prepare Your Teeth

Fortunately, not a whole lot needs to be done prior to getting started which many patients appreciate. In fact, local anesthesia is typically not necessary unless the chip or crack being corrected is near the nerve.

Otherwise, our dentists will use a shade guide to match the composite resin color to your natural enamel. We’ll roughen the tooth’s surface and put on a conditioning liquid which in combination, will help the material adhere to the tooth itself. Next, the resin is applied, molded, and smoothed out to achieve the right look.

A specialized blue light will then be used to harden the resin before any final trimming or shaping is done. Lastly, a nice polish at the end will ensure the tooth fits in seamlessly with those around it. All in all, you can expect the procedure to take about 30-60 minutes per tooth.

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