Repairing the strength and functionality of your smile can look differently for every patient. In certain situations, extracting a tooth is the key to improved oral health whereas other dental issues call for a quick tooth-colored filling or more extensive solutions like full mouth reconstruction. Our Jacksonville and Live Oak, FL, dentists understand that patient needs vary from case to case and thus only move forward with what’s truly necessary.

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Dealing with a temporary crown can be uncomfortable but having one can also be inconvenient because it means another dental visit is inevitable. Our dentists want to make it easy for you to receive the restoration your smile needs which is why we offer same-day crowns that are designed, created, and placed in a single appointment.

Designed to act as artificial tooth roots, dental implants are often made of titanium and are surgically placed by our dentists to provide a sturdy foundation for a crown. Implants are a durable and natural-looking solution for missing teeth, offering improved chewing and much needed jawbone stimulation compared to more traditional options that sit on top of the gum line.

Also known as composite or white fillings, tooth-colored fillings are a modern alternative to the old-school silver amalgam version. Their ability to match the natural color of teeth and appear virtually invisible is thanks to a blend of resin, fine particles, and no metal whatsoever. Our dentists can use these fillings on both front and back teeth and because of how they bond to the surface of a tooth, we can preserve more of your natural tooth structure.

If you’re looking for a solid tooth replacement option, our dentists can gladly recommend dental bridges. They are fixed oral appliances that consist of one or more artificial teeth, called pontics, that are anchored to adjacent natural teeth. Bridges restore the appearance and function of a complete smile while also preventing potential issues like nearby teeth shifting in towards the open space.

There are two main types of removable dentures: full and partial. Your individual dental needs will ultimately help our dentists to determine which works best for you but any version of dentures can benefit the wearer by replacing missing teeth and giving both renewed appearance as well as functionality.

Severely infected or damaged teeth require immediate treatment if they are going to be saved. A root canal is a common procedure used by our dentists to handle this type of situation as it effectively relieves pain felt and prevents the need for tooth extraction. While root canals may sound scary, they’re as routine as a filling thanks to modern technology.

Because they’re often deemed a last resort, our dentists will always make sure you’re made aware when a tooth extraction is needed. If other restorative procedures are no longer possible, an injured or damaged tooth is better off being removed as it can potentially jeopardize your overall oral health. Fortunately, simple extractions are straightforward and shouldn’t take much time to complete.

Some smiles require more of an overhaul than others when it comes to restoring a patient’s oral health to where it needs to be. This is nothing to be ashamed of and our dentists commend you for taking this step in your life! Full mouth reconstruction is not just one thing, but instead encapsulates a range of treatments all intended to improve the condition, function, and look of your smile.

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