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  • Sleep Apnea: What It Is & How a Dental Appliance Can Help

    It’s not uncommon for our Jacksonville and Live Oak, FL, dentists to encounter patients that have either been diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) or display clear signs of the condition. The good news: we can help treat this issue right here in our office with a wearable nighttime device.

  • How Dental Bonding Can Quickly Improve Your Smile

    A confident smile can leave a lasting impression, but not everyone feels great about showing their teeth. Whether it's chipped, discolored, or uneven teeth causing self-consciousness, dental bonding offers a swift and effective solution.

  • The Benefits of Bite Splints for TMJ Disorder Treatment

    TMJ disorder is a condition that affects the jaw joint and muscles controlling jaw movement. It can cause significant pain and discomfort, affecting daily activities like eating, speaking, and even sleeping. Fortunately for those suffering, our Jacksonville and Live Oak, FL, dentists do offer TMJ disorder treatment in the form of jaw exercises and bite splints, also known as oral appliances or occlusal splints.

  • Gum Disease: Early Signs & Preventive Measures

    Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, is common yet often overlooked despite the serious oral health consequences it can have. Starting as plaque and tartar accumulation on teeth that results in gum inflammation, gum disease can progress if left untreated, causing damage not just to gum tissue, but teeth and bone that supports teeth as well. For this reason, our Jacksonville and Live Oak, FL, dentists stress early detection and preventive measures to get in front of this condition.

  • Reinvent Your Smile With Full Mouth Reconstruction

    Full mouth reconstruction isn't just about aesthetics; it’s a transformative process that restores both function and appearance to your teeth. Whether due to injury, decay, or natural wear, many find themselves needing a comprehensive solution which is why our Jacksonville and Live Oak, FL, dentist creates a customized treatment plan that involves a variety of restorative services to address each patient's unique needs.

  • Missing Teeth? How a Dental Bridge Could Be What You Need

    If you're experiencing tooth loss, you understand the impact it can have on your everyday life. Not only can missing teeth affect your smile, but they can also lead to other oral health issues, including crowding, bite problems, and even changes in facial structure. Amongst the popular options for restoring lost teeth, a dental bridge from our Jacksonville and Live Oak, FL

  • Uncovering the Causes Behind Severe Toothaches

    Experiencing a toothache can be not only painful but also extremely stressful, especially when it strikes suddenly and severely. Understanding what may be responsible for your discomfort is the first step towards finding relief. At Higgins & White Dentistry, our Jacksonville and Live Oak, FL, emergency dentist is here to deliver swift, compassionate care with our same-day dental emergency services.

  • 5 Things You Need to Know Before Getting Porcelain Veneers

    Deciding to enhance your smile with porcelain veneers can be exciting! These thin “shells” not only give each treated tooth a whole new look but they also protect the surface of teeth that have been visually damaged. However, before moving forward, there are a few crucial things our Jacksonville and Live Oak, FL, cosmetic dentist wants you to know.

  • How Dental Implants Can Change Your Life

    Making steps towards achieving a brighter, healthier smile can be transformative, not just for your oral health, but for your overall confidence and quality of life. Dental implants are one way you can replace missing teeth and restore not only the appearance of your smile but its functionality as well. Patients interested in this option can speak one-on-one with our Jacksonville and Live Oak, FL, dental implant dentist.

  • Top Benefits of Choosing Professional Teeth Whitening

    Having a bright, white smile can dramatically boost self-confidence and improve social interactions. If you’re wanting to accomplish exactly that and make your first impressions more impactful, our Jacksonville and Live Oak, FL, cosmetic dentist can introduce you to a few professional teeth whitening options. We offer both in-office and at-home methods so we encourage you to choose whichever is most appealing to you!

  • Straight Talk: What to Consider Before Choosing Invisalign®

    Starting any type of orthodontic treatment can be a bit nerve wracking because it’s a new experience, but luckily, clear aligners are more straightforward in terms of their initial “kickoff”. Our Jacksonville and Live Oak, FL, Invisalign® dentists can walk you through all of the key details so you’re prepared to take on swapping out trays every week or so.

  • When to Get Help: Recognizing Urgent Dental Emergencies

    Dental pain is no joke; it means business. That’s why our Jacksonville and Live Oak, FL, same-day emergency dentists urge you to visit one of our offices if you notice something doesn’t feel right or you just experienced an oral injury. We’ll then prescribe appropriate treatment based on your particular dental emergency.

  • 6 Proven Strategies for a Cavity-Free Smile

    A radiant smile can light up a room, but it takes some maintenance to keep those pearly whites from developing a cavity. Fortunately, cavities are often preventable with the right strategies, such as regular teeth cleanings from our Jacksonville and Live Oak, FL, dentists and at-home care.