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Dealing with a temporary crown can be uncomfortable but having one can also be inconvenient because it means another dental visit is inevitable. Our Jacksonville and Live Oak, FL, dentists want to make it easy for you to receive the restoration your smile needs which is why we offer same-day crowns that are designed, created, and placed in a single appointment.

Learn more about this type of quick restoration below.

Dental Crown Uses

The wonderful thing about dental crowns is their versatility. Primarily, they’re used for restorative reasons, but they can also be placed for cosmetic purposes like in the case of extreme tooth discoloration.

Depending on what you need, a same-day crown can:

  • Repair decayed teeth
  • Reinforce teeth that are fractured, broken, or falling apart
  • Strengthen cracked teeth
  • Sit on top of a dental implant
  • Complete a dental bridge
  • Be a backup option when a cavity is too large for a dental filling
  • Cover stained teeth
  • Protect teeth that recently underwent root canal therapy

Before any crown is fabricated on-site, our dentists will conduct an oral exam to better understand what they’re working with and determine the best way to approach the situation. Regardless of what you need a crown for, you can rest assured that the result will seamlessly blend in with the rest of your smile.

How the Same-Day Crown Process Works

At the center of the same-day crown procedure is the use of computer-aided design software. This advanced setup allows our dentists to take impressions of your teeth using a hand-held digital scanner and have the images sent directly to a computer where the crown can be further customized and designed.

Once our dentists are satisfied with how the new crown looks digitally, the finalized design will be transferred to the milling machine in our office so the restoration can be sculpted from a block of strong, tooth-colored ceramic.

After the fabrication stage is complete, the crown is inspected thoroughly by our dentists before it is permanently placed using state-of-the-art bonding techniques and materials.

Restore Your Teeth Efficiently

Skip the need for temporary crowns or multiple visits and get right to the point with a same-day option from our dentists in Jacksonville and Live Oak, FL. Call one of our Higgins & White Dentistry locations today or request an appointment online to get started.

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