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Why not bring a little bit of the spa experience to the dental office? Yes, our Jacksonville and Live Oak, FL, cosmetic dentists are trained in administering cosmetic injections and facial fillers so not only can you reduce the appearance of a high lip line or wrinkles around the mouth, but you can also ease discomfort caused by TMJ disorders and bruxism.

Here’s what you need to know about this type of cosmetic procedure.

How You Can Benefit From Dermal Fillers

As their name suggests, dermal fillers “fill” out the skin and can give a more youthful look if that’s what you’re after. Inside our offices, however, we can go beyond what you may receive at a spa or salon as we can administer the filler inside the mouth in addition to around it if desired.

Fillers may be right for you if you want to:

  • Get rid of marionette lines (wrinkles at the corners of your mouth, i.e., frown lines)
  • Close a gap between teeth by filling out the gum tissue at their base
  • Define the shape of your chin or jaw
  • Have fuller lips

If you’re interested in how fillers can complement your smile, our dentists can answer any questions you may have as well as examine the area you’d like treated. We can then get started soon after if you’re ready.

Uses for Cosmetic Injections

While both fillers and cosmetic injections work to reduce the visual effects of aging, cosmetic injections freeze muscles to target fine lines and wrinkles while the former adds fullness to “thinning” areas like the lips or cheeks.

Some patients choose to harness the power of injections for cosmetic purposes while others prefer to use them for medically therapeutic reasons. Our dentists support either situation and will make sure you’re informed of the details before moving forward.

Injections in this category can help with:

  • Lip muscles that have become repositioned and have caused dentures to fit improperly.
  • Relaxing high lip lines (when the lips are raised higher when smiling, thus showing more of the upper gums).
  • Calming the muscles that result in TMJ disorder pain.
  • Reducing the force of the muscular contractions involved with bruxism (grinding and clenching teeth). This can be paired with the use of a night guard.

Want to Learn More?

Our cosmetic dentists in Jacksonville and Live Oak, FL, can help enhance the appearance of your smile with facial injections and dermal fillers. Find out if this type of treatment is for you by calling one of our Higgins & White Dentistry locations or feel free to request an appointment online today.

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